Ready to level up your small business? Print on demand lets you streamline your business, eliminate guesswork and bulk inventory, and create passive income at the touch of a button!

Ecommerce holds a world of possibilities for new and upcoming small businesses. From Etsy to Shopify to eBay (and everything in between), online retail businesses can reach customers around the world in no time and sell without lifting a finger.

Print on demand lets small business owners grow and scale their businesses without startup capital and the hassle of storing, shipping, and fulfillment. 

Simply choose the products you want to offer, upload your custom designs, and add your listings to your online store. We handle the fulfillment so you can get back to business! 

New to the print on demand world? Read on to find out the top 5 things you need to know to start a successful print on demand business.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is an online ordering process where items are printed only when an order is made. The process uses third party white label products that allow you to customize them to your own design. Once you set up your store, customers are free to shop. When an order is made, your print on demand partner will process, print, package, and ship your orders to your buyers for you. 

In a traditional business model, you have to decide what products you think will sell, bulk order them, and hope for the best. If those products don’t sell, you’re stuck with a surplus and wasted money. Print on demand has radically evolved from this model—it reduces waste and saves on printing costs by only printing what’s needed.

With print on demand, products are only printed once an order is placed. You don’t have to store bulk inventory, commit to a certain number of orders, guess which products are going to sell, or limit your offerings. 

Do you have a creative design but can’t decide what products to offer? With print on demand, you can provide T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, posters, wall prints, hats, pet gear, and so much more. 

Or perhaps you sell custom apparel but want to offer a wider range of designs for your customers to choose from? Set up countless options for your clients. 

Either way, print on demand allows you to expand your offerings, providing choice, personalization, and possibility to your audience. 

Print on demand is a business model where companies sell products directly to consumers through online retailers like Amazon or Etsy. This allows businesses to bypass traditional distribution channels such as retail stores and wholesalers.

What are the Benefits of Using Print on Demand? 

Print on demand is fast, simple, and hands-off, freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business. 

The print on demand model: 

  • Creates products quickly
  • Offers better print quality than traditional printing, due to new advanced technology in the printing process
  • Eliminates the need for bulk inventory and storage space—all items are printed only after an order is placed, with the design stored digitally
  • Removes the risk of overstocking
  • Takes shipping and fulfillment off your plate 
  • Reduces waste and improves sustainability
  • Allows you to offer more choices to your customers
  • Easily make changes or edits to products and designs
  • Lets you start selling fast

Most importantly, print on demand is a low-investment, low-risk way for small business owners to get started or grow a brand.  Starting a print-on-demand business may not require a lot of capital investment, but like in any other business, the business owner needs to invest time, dedication, and work to make it a success. Print on demand handles the backend for you so you can focus on the big picture of your business.

What Types of Businesses Could Benefit from the Print on Demand Model?

Print on demand benefits businesses across a range of industries. Here are some common businesses that thrive with print on demand:

Retail Start-ups

When you’re launching an online business, every dollar counts. Smaller start-ups often don’t have capital to waste or an existing customer base to provide feedback on what products to offer. 

These businesses use print on demand to start selling with no upfront cost—freeing up capital for other areas. They can also offer a wide range of products and determine what their customers want and where to focus future efforts for their brand. 

This is a great way to test a business idea before fully implementing it, allowing you to determine the demand for the product that works well before you invest in it. This keeps your costs low and helps turn your business into a success.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses 

Existing businesses can also excel with print on demand. 

The print on demand model allows small businesses to scale and grow without a financial commitment. Expand your product offerings, increase passive income, and reduce overhead costs. 

Independent Artists 

Print on demand offers artists, designers, and photographers a new platform for sharing and selling their work. Sell tangible products created from your art, spreading your name and growing a following. 


Music fans want to sport merch from their favorite artists! With print on demand, you can easily capitalize on your fandom and provide merch for everyone—no matter what their interests are. Offer apparel, posters, drinkware, bags, stickers, and more! 

Content Creators

Bloggers, podcasters, YouTube stars, gamers, and other content creators can benefit from the print on demand model, providing their followers with the opportunity to support them, spread the love, and purchase unique merch. Print on Demand allows creators to build on their existing business model and leverage their audience for additional streams of revenue.

What Should You Look for in a Print on Demand Provider? 

There are many print on demand providers. So, how do you choose the right one? The answer depends on your unique business needs. 

Make sure your print on demand partner:

Offers the products you need 

Choose a print on demand provider who can provide the products that are right for you and your customers. Select a company with a robust catalog that can meet your needs as your business expands. It’s important to make sure there are no limits to how many products you can sell.

Fits your budget 

Some print on demand providers charge upfront fees to get started. Look for a company that requires no upfront cost and doesn’t charge you extra for adding your own branding on your products. Avoiding startup fees with help minimize your risk and protect your business. 

Commits to quality 

Select an experienced company with a legacy of quality. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience!

Ships to the right locations 

The speed and cost of delivery for your products may vary depending on manufacturing locations and delivery destination. Your print on demand provider needs a global reach, so your products can ship quickly and efficiently to wherever your customers are. Choose a company with worldwide vendors to avoid long delivery times, possible delays, or fulfillment issues. 

Works with your platform 

You’ll also want to ensure that your provider integrates seamlessly with your platform. Opt for a partner whose system works with all major eCommerce platforms. 

Provides a seamless experience 

Customer service always matters. You’re busy—you don’t need to be chasing down answers or dealing with constant hassles. Pick a provider with experience in and dedication to customer service. It’s important that your print on demand provider is a partner who cares about you and the success of your business. Your provider should help make your business profitable, offering the best customer service without extra fees.

Tips for Starting with Print on Demand

Launching an online business with print on demand is easy! Follow these steps to ensure your success.

Step 1: Pick Your Niche

Selecting the right niche is the most crucial step to print on demand businesses because it is highly competitive and lets you stand out, improve your marketing, and reach a dedicated audience ready to purchase. 

 Is your brand humorous? Are you committed to sustainability and environmental causes? Do you only offer products for dog owners? Or does your niche follow a theme, such as birthdays, yoga, or special events? Whatever your niche is, you can create endless products that speak to your audience! Find what you do best, follow your passions, and let your business thrive.

Step 2: Select Your Product Offering

Once you know your niche and tone, it’s time to choose your products. Look through your print on demand provider’s catalog and select your initial product offering. With print on demand, you can offer as many (or as few) products as you want. Choose a small amount to start with so you can get things up and running quickly—remember, you can expand and grow anytime!

Step 3: Create Your Designs

Use your logo, branded images, or custom artwork. Upload them into your provider’s mockup generator to preview what your products will look like.

Step 4: Build Your Online Store

Add your print on demand products to your eCommerce store! If you don’t currently have an online store, you will need to choose an eCommerce provider. Many providers, like Shopify, offer free trials so you can create your store and experiment with it before adding your print on demand products. After that, you can sit back, relax, and start selling. 

Remember that marketing matters. Spread the word about your store on social media and build a loyal following of dedicated customers!

Launch Your Print on Demand Store Today

Print on demand is a simple, efficient way to start selling and scaling right away. Build your brand and thrive with print on demand! 

Ready to get started? Explore Fujifilm Print on Demand and what we can offer for your business.